MYMARK is a collaborative program between MYNIC Berhad and Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) that enables trademark owners to secure their digital brandings from unauthorized use and cybersquatters


MYMARK allows you to register up to 5 .MY domain names using your registered trademarks with MyIPO


  • miraqle.my
  • miraqle.com.my
  • miraqle.net.my
  • miraqle.org.my
  • miraqle.name.my

You are eligible to apply if

You are the owner of a Registered Trademark or a pending application in MyIPO

Protect your digital brand from cybersquatters

Cybersquatters threats are real and will cost you a lot to start the low process of retrieving your domain back to you!

Did you know?

It cost you at least RM2,500 just to get your case heard by a panel in a domain name dispute resolution situation*

How much savings
are we talking about?

Check if you are eligible

Choose your package and
get started

Basic 5
(5 Years)


normal price : RM1,000

1-2 domain names

.my, .com.my, .net.my, .org.my, .name.my

Basic 10
(10 Years)


normal price : RM2,000

1-2 domain names

.my, .com.my, .net.my, .org.my, .name.my

Premium 5
(5 Years)


normal price : RM1,960

3-5 domain names

.my, .com.my, .net.my, .org.my, .name.my

Premium 10
(10 Years)


normal price : RM3,920

3-5 domain names

.my, .com.my, .net.my, .org.my, .name.my

Domain Name

You will get one to five domain names, depending on your subscribed package. Boost your brand visibility with domain ending with .my, .com.my, .net.my, .org.my, or .name.my


MYNIC Customer Care is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your need. Let’s connect. We are ready 24/7. You can also refer to our knowledgebase for more information on all our products and services.

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  1. What is a domain name?
    • A domain name is the online address that we use to find a website. For example: mymark.my, mynic.my
  2. What can I do with the domain name once it is registered?
    • You can use it for your website address, email address or to redirect your domain to other website or social media.
    • Domain for website: You need to build a website and store your website content in any web hosting provider. For example: mymark.my
    • Domain for email:You need to subscribe with an email package to setup your email using your domain name. For example: email@mymark.my.
  3. What is MYMARK?
    • MYMARK is designed for MyIPO owners to protect their domain name for online branding purpose. MYMARK offers 4 packages to register .my domain names (.my, .com.my, .net.my, .org.my and .name.my) for 5 years and 10 years subscription. Registering and securing multiple domain names are great for building your business, protecting your brand name, and creating a dynamic online identity.
  4. How does the domain name help to protect my brand online?
    • Having a domain name that matches or represents your brand will prevent others from registering the domain name. This will ensure nobody will misrepresenting your brand name or impersonating it.
  5. Who can apply for MYMARK?
    • All registered owners with Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) can apply for MYMARK. For individual applicant, you must be above 18 years old to apply.
  6. What is required to apply for MYMARK?
    • You must have a valid registration number with an active status from MyIPO to apply for MYMARK.
    • For individual, you must have a valid IC number.
    • For organization, you must have valid company registration number i.e. ROB, ROC.
  7. Which MYMARK package should I choose?
    • For individual, you are only eligible for the Basic package (.my and .name.my only).
    • For organization, you can choose either Basic or Premium packages.
  8. When can I use the registered domain name(s)?
    • The domain name will be activated within 1 working day, provided that we have received your payment and supporting documents (if any). If your domain name is still inactive, please contact us at customercare@mynic.my or 1300-88-7277.
  9. Can I cancel my domain name application after payment made?
    • You can cancel the registered domain name anytime. However, MYMARK packages are not refundable.
  10. Can I change my domain name after registration?
    • Unfortunately, we are unable to change or edit the spelling of a domain name after registration. The domain name will be registered exactly as what is entered when you register it.
  11. I subscribed to MYMARK Basic package but I chose only 1 domain name. Can I add another 1 later on?
    • You must fully utilize the 2 domain names during registration. You need to apply for another package if you want to add more domain name.
  12. I subscribed to MYMARK Premium package but I chose only 3 domain names. Can I add another 2 later on?
    • You must fully utilize the 5 domain names during registration. You need to apply for another package if you want to add more domain name.
  1. MYMARK packages are valid for trademark owner that registered with Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) using MYNIC Berhad online application system.
  2. A valid and active MyIPO trademark registration number shall be used by trademark owner for MYMARK application as proof identity of registered trademark with MyIPO.
  3. The application of desired domain names is subject to availability of the domain names and names are registered on a first come, first served basis.
  4. The domain registration of .my must follow domain policy setting for the domain category in which defined by personal/individual and business/organization groups. For example a domain category .name.my is allowed for individual registration only.
  5. The owner from individual group is entitled to apply Basic package only. (Basic package offers number of domain from 1 - 2 domains from combination of domain category .my, and.name.my).
  6. The owner from business/organization group is entitled to apply Basic and Premium package. (Premium package offers number of domain from 3 - 5 domains from combination of domain category .my, .com.my, .org.my, .net.my and .name.my).
  7. The domain names apply for MYMARK shall make payment upon subscription for 5 or 10 years subscriptions.
  8. In case of trademark is no longer valid with or registration with MyIPO has expired, the domain name registered is still belong to registered domain holder until the expiry of subscription period.
  9. MYNIC reserves the right to reject any registration of domain names without prior notice. The domain name registration shall be subject to MYNIC’s approval.
  10. The Domain name Terms & Conditions, required supporting documents, and MYNIC’s Agreement for Registration of Domain Name can be referred here or any other websites as published by MYNIC.
  11. Fees non-refundable. All fees payable hereunder are non-refundable upon submission of application for MYMARK packages.
  12. Packages validity. All MYMARK packages and prices is subject to change without any notice.